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Blackjack launched with fanfare in Rockland

The Blackjack was towed several hundred yards by a team of oxen from the Sail, Power & Steam Museum adjacent to Snow Marine Park to the water. Museum founder Capt. Jim Sharp said he wanted the launching to be done as it would have been when the Blackjack was originally built in Friendship by Wilbur Morse. He said Morse was the Henry Ford of sloop production, building one every two weeks at the peak of his work. Morse built more than 500 Friendship sloops from 1890 to 1910. The Blackjack's restoration was a labor of love for a few master builders and many volunteers over the past three years, Sharp said. The boat was rebuilt from the keel up, using only the tools available to Morse and his crews in 1900, he said. The Blackjack was saved when its former owners, Kelly and Diane Magee, of Bristol, R.I., determined that restoring the sloop was beyond their resources and expertise. The boat had not been in the water since 2006. The couple put out a call to members of the Friendship Sloop Society.

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